Nazareth 'naz' Queralez

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Nazareth Queralez

‘Naz’, hails from a family of Architects and Engineers in Venezuela.   Dinner table conversations were inevitably drawn to lines, designs and aesthetic integrity.

Having graduated with a degree in Psychology, Naz loved working as a preschool teacher, helping with food, clothes and education, before moving to England.  While there, she immersed herself in the opportunity to travel throughout most of Europe.  While Naz was in awe of the sublimely beautiful structures, she was equally intrigued by the cultural influences that seemed to mark the difference in everything from language & tempo, to food, customs and perspective, and to the physical embodiment of those varying perspectives, in their architecture.

While in school, Naz gained experience in Customer Service and Digital Marketing.  After her family settled in Florida, she sought to blend these skills with her natural instinct for interior design, cultural intellect, and acquired knowledge of Central Florida, and immerse herself in the global real estate environment, helping people from other cultures realize their dreams in Sunny Florida.

Her enthusiasm for bringing the best possible outcomes for our clients is where it starts. Yet it is her well grounded understanding of aesthetic possibilities that sets her aflight.

Truly creative and artistically inclined, Naz is an avid film buff (expect long conversations centered around movie & music), Naz plays piano & drums, and expect discussions “tabled” around fine dining. Continued travel, exploring different cultures, finding new inspirations, is definitely on her life’s menu.  

Naz is trilingual, fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, & English. and is currently of service to Campaign 21, an organization working to end human trafficking around the world



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